Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Kora is who we strive to be like daily. She’s independent, open minded, and inspiring.
With her insight and wisdom, she shifts perspectives to shine a light on something familiar.
We, a collective of Koras, specialize in content creation and social media strategy and management.
Together, we’ll shine a new light on what consumers already love about you.
But first, get to know us! Collaborating with people you like makes work a little sweeter.

Sarah Kim

Sarah is a social media strategist and content creator with 2+ years of experience. Working with with cool, open-minded people and genuinely spreading the word about their brands makes her feel like she’s eating pizza every meal of the day in Napoli, Italy. Her specialty in social media strategy? Pinterest and Instagram.
Past clients include but are not limited to Honeymoons, Bonwi, Nomador, and Eurail.
Check out Sarah’s list of services and past work here, which includes highlights from her travel blog, Tales From a Fork.

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Natasha Gabrielle

Natasha is a freelance writer and marketer with 5+ years of experience. Helping brands promote their products and services through online content and social media marketing is what makes the little things in life, such as looking at funny memes of cats, even sweeter. Her great love? Freelance writing.
Past clients include but are not limited to Orbitz, Marriott Hotels, Hipmunk, and We Teach Korea.
Check out Natasha’s list of services and past work here, which also includes highlights from her travel blog, Live Learn Venture.

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How Sarah & Natasha Met

In this great age of digital connectivity, Sarah and Natasha met through a travel blogger’s networking group on Facebook. Their relationship simply started out by sharing helpful blogging resources with each other. As one conversation led to another, they quickly realized that they both had similar aspirations for being a total #girlsboss and a similar background of having jumped through fiery hoops to get to where they are in life. With their professional connection deepened on a personal level, Sarah and Natasha created a Twitter course for new bloggers, worked in parallel with the same clients for their travel blogs, and even traveled together in South Korea and Spain. Wanting more for the brands they love, and in general, less fluff in the world, Sarah and Natasha joined forces in creating Kora Collective!