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Sarah is a social media strategist and content creator with 2+ years of experience. Whether she’s working with a brand’s own medium or publishing content on her blog, she makes sure that her most genuine and dedicated self shines through. She makes collaborating together effortless with her expertise in social media strategy and content creation so you can sit back, relax, and focus solely on what you do best. Check out her portfolio:


Honeymoons (current) – Main objective of Pinterest strategy and management and Instagram strategy is to increase traffic, and in turn, leads.

Kitchen Republic (former) – Main objective of Instagram management and content creation (writing copy and taking photos) was to create awareness of the kitchen’s members and share their stories to the local food entrepreneur community.



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Affiliate Link and/or Product Placement: A better way to market an affiliate link, product or service is to create useful content around it instead of solely writing about the selling item. Helpful posts such as 10 Things Not to Do in New York and Scenic Half Day Trips from Dublin strongly promote products but because of their usefulness, they have been shared again and again, increasing the exposure of the products.

Brand Ambassador Partnership: Over four trips to Berlin, Barcelona, Bruges, and Cannes Sarah worked closely with Bonwi and wrote five blog posts to exemplify the value of its generous rewards program through personal experience. She included Bonwi’s product within posts like “City Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Barcelona” to ensure continual exposure of the brand. In addition, she created content for both her own social media and Bonwi’s and included social media takeovers as part of her brand ambassadorship.

Experiential Connections: People love to hear about one-off experiences and the emotions that come with it. It deepens trust and incites excitement. Sarah works with both large brands and mom-and-pop type shops to share with the world truly unique findings such as this luxury townhouse in off the beaten path Pigna, Italy.

Sarah’s desire to shine a new light on what customers already love about you has no bounds. There’s no industry or topic that can hold her back. To create a custom content plan for your brand, contact her now!

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